About the Project

The “CAP2Fork-towards a sustainable food system from farmer to consumer” project aims at increasing awareness among farmers, (rural) stakeholders and the general public (with a particular focus on young people in urban areas), when it comes to the Common Agricultural Policy’s long term, ongoing and future contribution to the sustainable transition of the food system envisioned in the context of the European Green Deal by:

  • consistently promoting and supporting sustainable agricultural practices that are key to the transition;
  • already responding to societal expectations regarding food, in particular concerning food safety, food quality, environmental and animal welfare standards;
  • being instrumental in the achievement of the Farm to Fork strategy objectives since European farmers/the EU agricultural sector are key to managing the transition.

To achieve this, the CAP2Fork project involves a set of actions using innovative communication approaches that aim at:

  • spreading knowledge among the defined target groups on what sustainability/the sustainable transition means at the level of the agricultural sector/farming profession as expressed in the current and future CAP objectives and measures;
  • enhancing the holistic understanding and perception of sustainability/sustainable transition at the level of the food system, although emphasizing the key role of the agricultural sector within it.

The CAP2Fork project responds to the broad need to ensure a fast and smooth transition to the next CAP by promoting a more holistic view of the sustainable transition that involves the food system as a whole, although clearly putting in evidence the specific challenges, opportunities and policy tools that are linked to the sustainable transition of the agricultural sector.